Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Elysian is back

Roger Ingles emailed me today to say:

"I notice on your site that people have wondered where Elysian had got to – the answer is that we went walkabout for a while and have now returned with a totally new website, which is now just starting to fill up. Here one can read current news in the market and also run queries on financial data for all the clubs over the last 7 years. The global statistics will begin to appear over the next few months as the reporting cycle concludes and we move towards general increases. Same web address: and the same slightly British accent !"

Welcome back. Elysian was one of the best sources of P&I news on the Web, if not the best, and the cheeky tone was a refreshing change from all of the piety in Club Circulars and Annual Reports. I hope it comes back, too.